DEC’s professional engineers work with your firm to bring state-of-the-art manufacturing efficiencies to your engineering designs. Through consultation with your specialists and any required third party providers, DEC delivers best in class equipment that embraces the highest quality standards in the industry. A sampling of the jobs produced by DEC for various clients in core industries includes:

Furnace & Steel Mills

Complete mill equipment including Tension Levellers, Bridles, Shears, Belt Wrappers, Coil Cars, Mold Housings, Slitters, Mandrels, Loopers, equipment for Casters (Bloom, Billet & Slab), AGC Cylinders, Chocks, plus Hot & Cold Mill Components, specialized for galvanizing pickle and process line equipment.

Pulp & Paper

Variety of Rolls, Suction Boxes, Gear Housings, Granite Rolls, spare parts and components for paper machinery.


Toggle Plates, Eccentric Cylinders, Pinion Shafts, Babbit Bearings, Conveyors, and Crushers.

Hydro Electric

Tanks, Supports & Structural components, Turbines, and related Hydro Equipment.

Other Services

Aerospace handling equipment and engine lifting supports, Turbine shipping frames, machining of Traction Motor Housings for rail industry, Mixers and Beater Assemblies, Pumps and Line Shafts.